Our ethos is to provide tools to make educating easier and to cut through the parts of the job that eat up time. We want to provide as much content for free as possible, and we want to keep premium prices as low as possible, whilst still being able to operate and expand the site, all with an ad free experience.
A Brief History
The concept behind Hero Teaching started back in 2016. At the time, I was exploring ideas behind rapid question/worksheet generation. I explored using Microsoft Excel, and got pretty good at produing question generators. The problem was that I had a library of different files with no sensible way of joining them. The next step? I realised quickly that the solution was to attempt to design a website using PHP and MySQL as the gubbins. The problem? I had minimal (very minimal) experience with these languages. I entered into several months of self-teaching, using Google and Stack Overflow as my main resources, resulting in the creation of the Nth Question. This was my first attempt at something akin to what we have today.

Cue several months of imposter syndrome with regards to my coding ability, I abandoned the project. However, slowly put surely I dipped my toes back into exploring ideas. Along came my second site, (now defunct). This was a site that generated endless multiple choice quizzes based on questions related to the VCE Chemistry study design. I had some success using this with my own class, and found the data obtained to be invaluable. It was around this time that I decided to attempt to merge the two. In the meatime I had learnt a lot of new coding skills, and so decided to embark on a ground up rewriting of code, and a new name 'Hero Teaching'. Interpret the name how you like, but I feel it works on two levels, we are teaching mini-heroes, our students, and we are also Heroes who teach.