Famous Face

Who is the famous person shown below?

General Knowledge

What's the answer to the question?

What is the capital of Luxembourg?

Country Flag

The flag below belongs to which country?


Decode the pictogram shown below

Where in the World

Identify the famous location shown below.

Only Joking

What did the duck say when it bought lipstick?


Solve the riddle below.

David's father has three sons: Snap, Crackle and...?

Country Outline

Identify the country from the outline shown below.

Famous Logo

Can you identify the logo?

Important Event

What's the event and what's the date?

9 Letter Word

Unscrammble the nine letter word below.

d o e
p i x
n g l

Decode the cryptic ditloid below

1 S S for M

Chemical Element

What is the name of the chemical element?